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Our Network Aims to Make You Investable


Your mission is to create a great private or public online investment offering that explains why investors should invest in you.

  • Is your company’s vision and the problem you solve compelling?
  • How is your solution competitive?
  • What is your focused view of how you are going to reach your market?
  • Are your financial projections reasonable and attractive to your potential investor base?
  • Why is your team uniquely equipped to build & grow the business?

Your goal is to find investors who share your enthusiasm for your business and will help fund it.

Here are the tools and services from the top online investment experts in North Carolina to help you get that done in conjunction with our Launch Readiness Services team.


Investment Campaign Platform


  • Your Raise Strategy can match your Business Strategy
  • Accredited & Non-Accredited and Side by Side (Concurrent)
  • Facilitate the raise, including digital doc signing and payment collection in 1 place.

More About Localstake


Launch Readiness Advisory & Consultancy

CrowdfundNC Services

  • Education
  • Advisory and Consultancy
  • Fund Advisory

Legal Services

Innovate Capital Law – Creative Capital Raising Strategies

Fallone SV Law – A Law Firm for Founders

Fourscore Business Law – Changing the Public Perception of Lawyers


Investment Campaign Marketing Services

Chartreuse Moose

Enventys Partners


Accelerators and Business Planning Services

ActionCOACH – Team Hauser – Winston-Salem

Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership – Non-profit alliance of existing and rising women in tech leadership – Triangle

Entredot – Business Mentoring Services – Triangle

Joules Accelerator – NC Non-profit accelerator enabling the growth of high-potential clean energy startups.

Mountain BizWorks – Helping Western North Carolina business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs get access to the resources needed to make their dreams a reality. Here is a good investment crowdfunding overview video by Mountain Bizworks.

R!oT – Drive IoT opportunity growth locally, nationally and globally with an accelerator program

Velocity Accelerator for Creative Entrepreneurs – Winston-Salem


Sales Channel and Go-to-Market Services

Lochside Consulting

Cambiare – Think Differently About Sales

ExecDirect My Sales Manager


Mobile, Web, and Immersive App Development

CrossComm – Mobile, Web, Immersive

Dualboot Partners – Mobile, Web, App

HyperspaceVentures – Mobile, Web, App – On a case by case basis, will reduce services fees for equity


Product, Technology, and Marketing Consulting

Intrepid Media

LYKEWYZE – Automated Conversion Marketing


Technology Product Engineering Review and Guidance

Rocket Hanger


Funding Groups & Advisory

Brian Hamilton Main Street Lending Fund

East Carolina Angels – High Growth Investing & Advisory


Patent and Intellectual Property Services

Sotomayor IP Consulting, Ltd.


NK Patent Law


Business Analytics Tracking and Reporting Service



Public Benefit Company Services

NC State Public B Corp Clinic – B-Corp & Public Benefit Corp/LLC


Web Site Hosting Service

www.1and1.com / IONOS.com