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Did you know, anyone can now invest online in potential high growth startups and other businesses in their community?  Authentic founders.  Problem Solvers.  Innovative Tech.  No Tech.  NC has the #9 economy in the nation and is growing.  Where are you invested?

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Are you an entrepreneur? We provide the guidance and services you need to help make your vision a reality and aim to make your company investable. You can raise funds from a whole new source online: your community.


Are you an investor? We make the private investment process as simple as possible. Now you can invest online in the people and businesses right in your community.

What We Do

North Carolina startups and private businesses have a new and very effective way to raise capital online called Investment Crowdfunding. It is being used by entrepreneurs across the country to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors, right from their phones. We create a community investing marketplace for startup founders, investors and entrepreneurial partners to be vested together to grow the regional economy.

Be vested where you live 

The world is run by entrepreneurs. Almost everything you see, visit, and use every day was once only an idea another person had. Most entrepreneurs need funding at some point beyond what they can provide for themselves.  Previously, companies could only raise investment capital from a small segment of the population. 

We now live in an exciting day and age in which new investment crowdfunding laws allow everyone to invest in private offerings, including Angel investors.  Both accredited and non-accredited individuals nationwide can invest in potential high-growth startups and private businesses here in their community.  “Investment Crowdfunding” is being used by thousands of entrepreneurs to raise billions of dollars in capital. 

While investing carries risks, the returns on private investments can often outperform the public stock market and you have opportunity to literally invest in your local community.  Are you ready to learn more?

Founders work with us to determine the best strategy for their business and prepare to raise capital

How it Works?

Investors review raises online at nc.localstake.com and create an account to make an investment. Investments can be managed online.

Founders and investors now come together to create a community marketplace to support and grow the regional economy

Our Raise Offerings

Crowdfunding (Reg CF)

We offer public pre-vetted startup investments that anyone can invest in to support their regional businesses. Investment amounts typically start as low as a few hundred dollars.

Private and Public Accredited Investing (504, 506(b), 506(C), Reg D)

We offer traditional offerings exemptions for accredited investors that provides back end transaction flexibility and simplicity

Reg A+ (Online Public Offering (OPO)

We allow the public to invest in private companies that are effectively offering a mini-IPO.

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Virtual Event

(Online) Fri, Mar 20, noon – 1pm, Funding for businesses is even more limited because of COVID-19.  What is the entrepreneurial community doing to accelerate businesses who can keep our economy intact?  What role does funding from a broader set of individual do to keep our community connected?  Register and Join this virtual event to find out.

Combat Pandemics

(Online) Fri, Mar 20 1-3pm, In this time of fear and confusion, we’ll be sharing a message of hope and progress as leaders in the tech space convey how the Internet of Things and Data can mitigate the effects of the current COVID-19 crisis and prepare for others in the future. Register and Join.

120%+ of Target

BatteryXchange provides an on-the-go mobile charging solution for cell phone users to stay connected to people and things that matter to them most. They’ve had over 1000 paying customers.  Read more.

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Invest in early stage companies; support your local community; watch as the economy thrives. Find out how to raise money through investment crowdfunding or how you can make a difference with your investment by contacting us at CrowdfundNC.com today!

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Our mission is to provide education and services that enable startups and existing businesses to get funding using a variety of online private and public offering strategies, including investment crowdfunding.