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Are you prepared to raise investment capital?

We Run Investability Acceleration for Raise Preparation

  • What is your compelling story to investors?
  • Are you targeting the right investors?
  • What in your investment campaign would cause an investor to pause? (You want them pressing that commit button)
  • What should you offer investors?
  • Beyond money, how do you leverage your investor base to accelerator growth?


Aside from campaign marketing strategy, there are many other areas we guide on during our investability sessions with your team.

  • Campaign video
  • Company profile
  • Company mission and vision
  • Traction Points
  • The problem you are solving
  • Your solution
  • Your target market
  • Competition
  • Team profile
  • Financial projections
  • Use of funds
  • Offering description and docs


But Where Do I Find the Right Resources to Prepare?

As founders, we know you are productive growing your business.  It’s hard to come up for air and even harder to quickly identify gaps or how to fill them.  Do you know what resources you’re missing?  Do you know where to find them?  Our Launch Readiness Advisors and Consultants have diverse and deep expertise.  We work with “Main Street” to “Wall Street” businesses across multiple industry verticals.  Our task is to run your business through the ringer before you pitch to your 1st investor while connecting you to resources who aim to make your business more investable.

We’re connected to a large partner network with resources within North Carolina and outside the state.

Give us a try.  There’s no cost to you for initial consultation.

Say hello@crowdfundnc.com

Brinda Ramaiya Harper

Brinda Ramaiya Harper


William McGuire

William McGuire

Chief Crowdfunding Officer

Avid Equity and Debt Investor since 2016.  Background in application development, IT & Management Consulting, Co-founder of a previous startup and non-profit and Public Benefit Corp & B-Corp experience.