We exist to create a community which (re)invests and builds together.  By improving accessibility for investors, entrepreneurs, and partners, our community invests & builds regional businesses which may have a local impact or scale globally starting right here in our backyard.  Nationwide, over 4B+ has been invested this way since 2012.  Welcome to Investment Crowdfunding y’all.

Why We Exist

People invest in ventures and people they know, love and trust.  North Carolina has incredible regional focus with amazing opportunity for increased cross-collaboration across the state and beyond. Leveraging the power of our regional communities, CrowdfundNC supports growing the economy in the southeast. Our marketplace facilitates a community of investors, founders and entrepreneurial partners who invest and grow together.


Our Guiding Principles

Community: We believe that investing brings people together; we facilitate existing and new community relationships and partnerships.


Accessibility: We believe in democratizing investing, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you are a new investor testing the waters or a seasoned investor, we support a marketplace to help meet those goals. For founders, we offer a complementary funding vehicles to the other funding choices you consider when raising capital.


Flexibility: By partnering with a broker dealer platform, we offer founders the ability to set up raises on their terms.  Whether seeking funding privately, publicly (from a crowd), on debt or equity, founders set up investment campaigns strategically aligned with their raise goals business strategy. Investors gain access to diversify investment in ventures aligned with their investment goals and interests.

Our Team


We rely on a community of advisors, entrepreneurs, investors and other partners in our entrepreneurial community who are called to help scale ventures and create broad-based access to (re)invest.

Anya Johnson

Community Manager

Anya graduated from Meredith College in 2020 with degrees in Business Administration and Economics, and a minor in Entrepreneurship. As a Raleigh native, Anya is passionate about her community, the local arts and music scene, and empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Working with Imurj, HQ Raleigh, and MATI Energy, she is an advocate for small business and the synergy that comes from the community standing strong together.

Scott Byron

Syndicate Growth Advisor

Scott is an undergraduate at Elon University studying finance and data science. In 2016 he helped co-found Lucid Crypto Investments, a long/short cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused hedge fund, and served as an analyst. Upon arrival at Elon, he founded the Elon Blockchain club and remains President. Scott is passionate about researching and investing in disruptive technologies and integrating them with our lives.

Eric Porper

Resident Super Genius

Will McGuire

Will McGuire

Chief Crowdfunding Officer (a.k.a. Head of Disruption)

Will has been a startup investor and advisor since 2016. His goal is to improve community awareness and access to the private marketplaces which allow anyone to become an investor, entrepreneur and/or venture builder.  Blending traditional and newer models, he believes our region is at the groundfloor of one of the greatest growth periods it has ever seen which will be led by a community of investors, entrepreneurs, and partners who build & (re)invest together. 

Desmond Wiggan

Desmond Wiggan

Entrepreneur & Launch Consultant

After spending 2 years in China obtaining his MBA in International Business, Desmond co-founded BatteryXchange. Desmond has almost a decade of professional experience with expertise in business development, technology, manufacturing, and international organizational management.  As the CEO of BatteryXchange, Desmond brings 1st hand knowledge of how to raise capital while building a team positioned to scale.

James Cerenzie

James Cerenzie

Real Estate Investor & Launch Consultant

James has deep experience in acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, partnerships, and commercial agreements.  His professional passion lies in creating and executing on niche real estate investing opportunities while renting out some really cool cars.  He’s always open to conversation and resides in Charlotte with his wife and 2 fur babies.

Jeff Dayton

Jeff Dayton

CrowdfundNC Advisor, Syndicate Expert

Dayton is a seasoned senior executive, board director, board advisor, Angel Investor and leader from the Charlotte area who desires to elevate the recognition of NC’s Entrepreneurial Community. As CEO of Dayton International, Dayton is one of the world’s top executive consultants in digital transformation and modernization. 

Mark Easley

Mark Easley

CrowdfundNC Advisor, IoT Expert

Mark Easley has been an active advocate, advisor, and investor in the investment crowdfunding industry since 2012. Mark is a tech startup advisor and angel investor in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He previously had a 25 year technology career in engineering, marketing, and sales in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley. 

Sumit Vohra

Sumit Vohra

CrowdfundNC Advisor, Business Builder

Sumit is the Founder, CEO & Chief Drinking Officer at Lonerider Brewing Company which operates in over 9 states & the UK and he is Chairman of Lonerider Spirits. He’s active in the NC entrepreneur ecosystem as a startup Advisor, Angel Investor, and Board Member.  In addition to distribution, logistics and operations, Sumit has an extensive technology background